"…astute and funny…revelatory…Zoobiquity is as clarion and perception-altering as works by Oliver Sacks, Michael Pollan, and E. O. Wilson."

“The book features countless intriguing anecdotes of cross-species health problems…after finishing, you’re guaranteed to never look at your dog, cat, or any other animal the same way again.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“A groundbreaker written for the lay reader.”
Library Journal, 12/12/11

“Engaging and accessible…This book not only speaks to the medical zeitgeist, it is also often profound. It will appeal to readers of Temple Grandin, Oliver Sacks, Neil Shubin, E.O. Wilson, Atul Gawande, and others writing about medicine and health. Highly recommended.”
Library Journal 8/17/12

“Like the best narrative nonfiction, this book will appeal to a wide range of readers…But this book is more than popular science; by combining human and veterinary medicine, the authors seek to change our view of the human place in the animal kingdom, and, with it, the way we treat illness, regardless of the species of the sufferer…vivid and illuminating.”
Politics and Prose

“A very credible argument for collaboration between disciplines…entertaining and beautifully written.”
New York Journal of Books

“…you will find the argument hard to resist. Plus you will have some killer dinner party gems. Who could resist the story of lemurs with erectile dysfunction, or the iguanas that ejaculate prematurely?”
New Scientist

“The authors provide solid evidence that humans are not as far removed from the rest of the natural world as we might have thought. Engaging, useful account of the similarities between humans and other animals.”
Kirkus Review

Zoobiquity reinforces the interconnectedness of life on Earth…In other words, we’re all in this together.”
The Globe and Mail

“Illuminating…This very engaging book is difficult to put down. It provides lots of information in an easy-to-understand manner that doesn’t feel overwhelming, perhaps because of the liberal use of humor throughout. Reading Zoobiquity gave this reader a totally new perspective on his furred and feathered neighbors.”
The Boston Globe

“Provocative…. It’s exciting to watch a doctor discovering just how much the animal kingdom has to teach her.”
Carl Zimmer, The Daily Beast

“[A] pacy, readable, and entertaining manifesto for a zoobiquitous approach to health and wellbeing, to be welcomed by vets and other human animals.”
The Observer (London)

“Groundbreaking…essential…truly innovative…the concepts in Zoobiquity are presented so clearly and documented so extensively that they appear to have struck a chord in both the general population and the medical community.”
Yale Human Animal Medicine Project

“A truly fascinating look at the similarities between us and other animals…engrossing and enlightening reading.”
The Bark

“An entertaining and insightful series of anecdotes, bolstered by the latest in medical and veterinary science…”
Santa Barbara Independent

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