Works Consulted

Zoobiquity brings together a tremendous amount of information from many different fields. To make the sourcing as user-friendly as possible, we’ve divided it into two categories.

In the published book(s), you’ll find end notes that correspond to specific passages in the text.

Posted here is a more complete bibliography and reading list of the books, journal articles, reporting, and interviews that shaped and inspired our research.

Note: On page 41 of the hardcover version, the paragraph “Genomics researchers at the University of Pennsylvania tested this hypothesis by calculating the number of cells in the human colon and comparing it to the number of cells in the colon of a giant blue whale…” should be tied to this citation: A. F. Caulin and C. C. Maley, “Peto’s Paradox: Evolution’s Prescription for Cancer Prevention,” Trends Ecol Evol 26 (2011): pp. 175-182. The citation slipped out of the manuscript during editing, and we sincerely regret the error. Caulin and Maley’s creative and useful study can be accessed here.